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ClearBlue Ionizer - A 800 For Hot Tub

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Product Description

Note: This model comes with the cord out the back. If looking for a cord that comes out the side of the unit (for pools) please look under pool accessories.

This is our favourite system for maintainins pool and hot tub water.

ClearBlue Pool Ionizer reduces the chlorine concentration by up to 90%
ClearBlue is an extremely effective algaecide and also assists in controlling bacteria and viruses. This allows the chlorine in the water to work more effectively, so you can safely reduce the concentration to 0.5ppm -  0.6ppm from the 1ppm - 3ppm that is recommended with chlorine or salt alone.

Part of a complete system for lowering chlorine concentration
According to EPA and Health Canada, no approved pool sanitizer is 100% chlorine (or bromine) free. But with a ClearBlue, you can minimize the concentration while maintaining water that is safe for you and your family. 

Combining ClearBlue with zinc-chlorine pucks and a non-chlorine shock provides a complete solution for controlling bacteria, algae and organic waste with a low overall chlorine concentration.

Lowers the chlorine concentration in “salt water pools” 
You may not realize that “salt water pools” are actually high in chlorine. Salt-based chlorinators use the salt in the water to generate chlorine requiring a higher concentration than pools with ClearBlue. 

ClearBlue in combination with salt-based chlorinators allows you to set the chlorine output to the lowest setting. This extends the life of expensive salt cells, while keeping the water clean and clear, even after heavy use. 

Soft water, lower chlorine prevents drying and itching
ClearBlue releases microscopic mineral ions into the water which gives it a soft, comfortable feel. You won’t get the drying, itching and fading effect that can happen in pools with a higher chlorine concentration. The silver and zinc minerals in the water are also great for your skin. You’ll feel the difference right away. 

Unaffected by pH and sunlight
Rising pH and intense sunlight can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine. ClearBlue ions maintain a consistent concentration under all pH and sun conditions giving you the peace of mind that your algae and bacteria are always being controlled – even if your chlorine level is low. 

Easy, low cost pool maintenance
Once the ClearBlue Ionizer is installed, you set it and forget it. The electrodes that release silver, copper and zinc ions are replaced about once a year. 

Safe for the environment

Water drained from a ClearBlue pool is completely safe and will not harm your surrounding plants or landscape.

Comes with 1 1/2" tee, electrode, controller and copper test kit.
Larger tee available by request. Please call 902.462.8187.

Visit the Clear Blue Ionizer Website for more information!

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