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Hot Tubs 

dreammakerman2.jpgReady to buy a Dream Maker Spa Online?

Dream Maker Spa Hot Tubs are the ULTIMATE portable, plug in style hot tubs on the market.

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We've been carrying beautiful, portable plug-in style Dream Maker Spas for many years here at SPAS.
In 2013, Dream Maker Spas revitalized their brand by using innovation to create an even better hot tub.ez-graystone.jpg

The new style Dream Maker Spas are still efficient hybrids.

But now, they're more comfortable and look superb in the back yard.

fantasy-sandstone.jpgThere's a reason so many lesser hot tub brands try to knock off the Dream Maker Spas.

These hot tubs have always been one of the best plug-in style spas available.

Looking to buy a hot tub online in Canada?

Look no further. Our Dream Maker Hot Tubs are shipped to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

We're a Canadian Dream Maker Authorized Dealer. In fact, we think there is no better Plug in style hot tub in the universe.
Dream Maker Spas was purchased by Sunrise Spas of Grimsby Ontario. They have ensured these hot tubs are designed for Canadian Winters.odyssey-brownstone.jpg

All of our Dream Maker Spas are convertible and portable.

You can just plug them in to your regular outlet OR you can have an electrician wire them in.
The EZ Spa fits on the back of most pick-up trucks- a very portable hot tub.


We ship our Dream Maker Spas across Atlantic Canada. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.
Please read our shipping policies before making your purchase. Contact us if you have any questions at all.

Dream Maker Hot Tubs are extremely easy to operate.

Please view the video to see just how easy.

Dream Maker Spas are Energy Efficient

big-ez-graystone.jpgThanks to Dream Maker's energy efficient innovations, operating your spa won’t break the bank.

While prices vary greatly on spas available for purchase, so do the costs to operate a spa at home. Their goal is to ensure you can enjoy your spa as a relaxing oasis in your home, not worry about what it may cost you to use.

So Dream Maker Spas offers the following innovations to keep your electric costs low:

HYBRID Quad Energy System

roxul-smallDream Maker Spas are insulated with our proprietary Green Guard Roxul Insulation, locking in heat while locking out cold, reducing demand on your spas heating system. 

Our custom electronics system by Balboa incorporates M7 heating technology which adds superior efficiency and control for maintaining the water temperature in your spa.

Working in tandem with the M7 heater is our friction preheater that harnesses the natural energy created by the rapid movement of the water.

Dream Maker engineering also captures the “free heat” and circulates it inside the spa cabinetry to add additional “passive energy efficiency”.

Plus, custom fit “Super Seal” covers ensure a tight seal to lock in warm water and lock out cold air

advantage-seal2The strictest standards for operating efficiency come from the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law. We certify each one of the models manufactured in our Lake Mary, Florida facility, ensuring they meet these stringent standards, no matter where you live.

The specific criteria that is used for the California standard measures energy consumption in the standby mode, while your spa is not in use. The true cost of operating a spa depends on how often you use it and other factors such as the ambient air temperature, which will vary depending on your location and the season. While the CEC testing criteria ensures significant electricity is not being wasted when the hot tub is idle, it is not a measurement of how much energy is used while you’re enjoying your spa.

When comparing prices before you buy, be sure to consider both the cost to purchase and the cost to operate. We’re confident you’ll discover Dream Maker Spas are the best value available.

Dream Maker Warranty
Dream Maker Manual

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