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Lots of newly listed sale items!

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Currently our in-stock above ground swimming pools are on sale!

We thought now would be a good opportunity to tell you all about some of our featured products.

Hayward evac Pro at Sparkling Pools And Spas in Nova Scotia Canada

Do you have an In-ground Pool but detest vacuuming it yourself?

We recommend the Hayward e.Vac Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner.

This innovative robot cleans your pool floor AND your walls! Amazing. It is super efficient- using around the same energy as a standard light bulb. It actually calculates the size of your pool and programs itself for the smartest cleaning path.

Many of you are already addicted to our Kool Kits.

They’re an effective way to easily maintain your swimming pool water. They won’t balance it for you but they are a pre-measured chemical kit that will take care of your sanitizing- ensuring an algae free pool! They come in many different sizes: Up to 50,000L, 70,000L and 90,000L! They’re just so easy.

lavaheatpumpWe now carry WaterCo of Canada Pool Heat Pumps in-stock!

We carry larger the AquaHeat model and the slim LAVA model. The LAVA heat pump can be placed under a deck! The heat pumps feature digital controls, titan double coil heat exchangers and an excellent price!


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